The History of Fatball™

The game of Fatball™ has been around for a long time as an occasional youth sports game assembled from loose phys- ed parts laying around the storage bin at some elementary schools. It never really had a formal name. Some called it bopperball, yard ball, Big-T ball or something like that.

The very fact that the game was casually assembled by those who had ready access to the pieces and parts is another example of something that was readily enjoyed but not made optimally recognized for what it truly was, ie., a fun school and neighborhood game that, if only brought to market, would be readily endorsed as a new and stimulating indoor/outdoor game that could be played by everyone from toddler to grandma.

And, so it was that in the spring of 2011, our large family of grandparents, parents, children, cousins, aunts, and uncles gathered for a week long family summer camp. It was Nana who was an elementary school counselor and she was the one who asked her resident phys ed teacher for ideas that could be incorporated into the children's outdoor activities.

Among the various items thus assembled, along with the rackets, nets, multi-sized playground balls, bats, and other objects of interest was a strange looking TBall stand with an object on top that looked like an upside-down toilet plunger.

To be continued...

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