The Rules of the Game of Fatball™

Rule #1 The game is much like regular Baseball/TBall, so best not to complicate it.

Rule #2 The Faball™ is going to hit, fly, and bounce differently from a regular baseball, but you still want to position the players in standard game positions such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd base, shortstop, right field, center field and left field.

Rule #3 The Pitcher position and the Catcher are equally important for being in position to catch a drive ball and to be in position to tag a runner at Home plate. But, one of the cool features about the game of Faball™ is that you can play with less than the regular number of players. Create any size teams that make sense.

Rule #4 If you need to eliminate a player in either the Pitcher or Catcher position, then you have to agree to eliminate the option to Bunt the ball. Otherwise, there would be no one in position to cover a short bunt.

Rule #5 Depending on the age of the players and the ultimate striking and distance coverage of the ball, simply set the bases in a natural short or longfield set-up as appropriate for the age group in play.

Rule #6 The 4-year old will have just as much fun as Grandma. Let everyone join in the game. Have fun!

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