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Let's Play Fatball™!

For outdoor play or indoor play, Fatball™ is easy for young and old!

A new and exciting TBall game that makes it easy to hit, catch, and throw. Helps build eye/hand coordination for the little ones and great for special needs exercise, too!

Best of all, it's a fun loving, heavy laughter, ideal neighborhood game for the entire family from toddler to grandma.

Whether played in the school gym or school yard, on the street or in the local field, Fatball™ gets everyone in the game!
Animated and Highly Spirited!
History of the Game

The History of Fatball™

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... [learn more]

The Rules of the Game

What are the Rules?

Rule #1 Don't make any rules...
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Contact Us, Who We Are

Contact Us / Who We Are

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Neighborhood kids playing the Fatball Game

Enjoy the fun, it's time to Play Fatball™ !
Kids and Fatball Team Up

Build your team! Create a local Fatball League! Get your family and school involved. And, let us know how we can help!

Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Lots of ways to gather and much more coming your way.

Here's What Others Are Saying!

Nana saw the Fatball game in action at a schoolyard nearby and immediately begged to borrow the game in order to introduce it to her grandkids here in our neighborhood. She played, too! Now we have our own Fatball set!  ~ Erin
This game is truly unique! It's the big fat ball that adds so much interest to the game. We kept laughing at how the ball would wiggle through the air and bounce a bit whacky when it hit the ground. And, nobody needed a glove.   ~ Brian


For Young and Old! Everyone can enjoy this exciting school and family group action game!